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Around the World


Pull out a map/globe (in real life or on computer) and talk about this amazing tool. What is a globe/map? What does it show us? Where do we live? Where does our family live? (Get dot stickers for them to put on those spots) How do we get to different countries? How does food etc travel? Gather all the books about other countries - put into a special 'book bin' for the week. Song: Where are you from?


Welcome to...


Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Kids set up a bunch of chairs, get their suitcases and passports, take a plane ride (or bus/train) imagination game

Make a Passport
Make a Passport

What is a passport? Show them their real passports. We are going to make our own special passport for this week. As we ‘travel’ to different places, take your passport with you to different places and get a stamp. Print or make your own with inspiration from here and here.

Route on the Floor
Route on the Floor

Using any tape you have, make a route with zig zag lines and other. Walk along the lines. Then walk and take the suitcase on the lines. Then walk, with suitcase, and holding a baby toy. Keep adding things as much as your kids are into it. Then bring out all the vehicle toys (planes, cars, boats) and line up all vehicles on the tape.

Pack a Suitcase
Pack a Suitcase

Imagine we are going to a country for a holiday/to visit family. Get a suitcase, think of all the things you might need. And the kids go around the house and pack. Can be free-flow or make a list and the kids tick it off as they go. Add a 'going on the plane' imagination game, building a plan with chairs/pillows.

Indoor Active

This week is all about adventure. Let’s choose two countries and make an obstacle course to get there. Each kid gets a turn to create the course. Keep changing it up if they start to get bored but you think it can still last longer.

Outdoor Active

SCAVENGER HUNT: Either print out something from below or make your own. You can use your own stickers (flowers, cars, people, letters) to build your own for example, not just drawing each item. And get your first stamp! Get some inspiration/printables from here and here and here 


Screen Time


Oh the places you will go, Dr Seuss

Where's the Sloth? A Magical Search-And-Find Book, Andrew Rowland

Food Ideas

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