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Meet The Team

Dara Pic - FB.jpg

Dara Podjarski Marcus

Founder and Lead

Corona took my job, but it didn't take my mojo. It reignited a passion for informal education that started in my youth group days in Australia...and has continued to nourish my parenthood as well as my professional life in the non-profit world. I love lifelong learning, getting creative and practical, and being fueled by my 4- and 6-year olds. We are watching global history unfold and I'm keen for a dose of balance, perspective and delight. 

Dannii Pic 2.jpeg

Dannii Bernstein Mazor

Content Whiz / Social Media Genie

A prolific writer, baker & event planner - my life revolves around creative ventures. My love for learning through play was reignited when I became a Mum to two (super-creative) littles, 7 & 4, and we realised how long Israeli summer holidays go on for! Helping to create Little Compass has been a balm to the shock of this pandemic. Am really excited to create more theme days and projects! Life goals: more puddles, poetry & picnics. 


Iris Ostrin

Content Whiz /

SEO Genie

I'm a former educator, who worked with all ages. With experience in content writing, social media and SEO, helping Little Compass was a perfect fit. I love being creative with my own kids and using the Little Compass plan every day has been helping my kids keep a daily routine.

Avi Cohen.jpg

Yoav Cohen

Wix Guru

I am currently the head of training for Wix. Previously I served as senior Jewish Agency emissary in Westchester, NY and program manager at IDC Herzliya. I have two hyperactive kids who love learning and teaching me things everyday.


Pnina Rappeport

Content Whiz and Web Warrior

I am a mum of two adorable little muffins, ages 3 and 10 months who keep me very much on my toes. I am an educator and pedagogy expert with heaps of experience in a variety of educational settings teaching all ages across the globe. I currently work in tech and love bringing tech, fun and laughter to education.


Sara Devorah Shamouilian

QA Genie and Web Warrior

Prior to moving to Israel, I spent 6 years at the IMF becoming the world's leading expert on DMX migrations. I am married to my high school sweetheart (awww) and 3 ninja fairies follow me around calling me "Mama." In my free time (hahaha) I like to read books as a "vacation" from reality. My dream vacation is a snowy week in a glass topped igloo to see the Aurora Borealis while sipping cocoa in front of a fireplace.

Ari Pic.jpg

Ari Poyurs

Content Whiz

I am an educator / business student from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have spent the last 5 years working in formal and informal Jewish education with kids of all ages. I love travel, playing my ukelele, listening to podcasts, blogging and pretty much doing anything that inspires me! I might not have kids yet, but I hope my ideas will keep your little ones engaged and entertained.

Emily pic.jpg

Emily Shapiro Katz

Content Whiz

I am an educational consultant for Jewish schools in Milan and Copenhagen through the “Educating for Impact” initiative. I also coordinate a local bat-mitzvah program and Parsha Arts program in my hometown of Be’er Sheva, where I lives with my husband and children.

Rachel SF.JPEG

Rachel Fink

Content Whiz

I have been working in the field of early childhood for two decades, first as a teacher, then as a director, and now as a consultant and curriculum developer. Having not been in the classroom in several years, quarantine has turned out to be a journey back to my roots, to the activities that made me fall in love with teaching in the first place. I am especially passionate about sensory experiences and open-ended art projects, which I am doing on a daily basis with my two children. Stay messy, people!

Image by Jon Tyson

This Could Be You!

We are looking for rockstar content creators, game-makers, webmasters, community builders and creative beings to join our team and spread the love. 

Be in touch!


Michal Lashansky

Content Whiz

At the core of most things I do is a love for teaching. I am an educator who currently works both creating content for teachers and developing informal educational programs, as well as implementing them. Since coronavirus has started, my work has been put on the back burner and I am full time Mum to my 3 kiddos (aged 3,7 and 9). While my older kids have school in the morning, the afternoons are for family fun and using the Little Compass theme weeks to keep us focused has been incredible! I have really enjoyed putting my creative skills to the test and creating a theme week for younger kids as I am used to an older audience. 

Atara Pic.jpg

Atara Bienenfeld

Content Whiz

I have been teaching for 15 years formally and informally, but my primary teaching in the last couple years has been to my children. I have three boys and a princess baby girl who are very aware how lucky they are to have a "Pinterest mom". I accidentally set the bar a little too high for our activities this "Corona-cation" but because of that we are always guaranteed an awesome day. I can't wait to join you on this crazy ride! 


Nikia Blumenthal

#COVID19HOMERUN Project Partner

I am a Biokineticist, Exercise Rehab Therapist and Mommy to my 2 favourite princesses. My clinic, Stretch, usually specialises in Senior Rehabilitation, but since the Corona outbreak, I'm pouring my energy into creative ways of keeping myself, my kids and my patients active and busy. I'm a passionate runner and can be found crossing the finish line (between my kitchen and living room) throughout the day with sneakers or rollerblades.

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