Passion Projects

Keep the creativity flowing over several days
with these fun and flexible family collaborations!
Pen Pals

Craft letters, deliver them to friends and put the 'social' back into 'social distancing'


From milk cartons to amazon packages, dig through your recycling bin and turn those spare scraps into treasure

2021 Family

Make this year special.

Design a picture for each month and highlight significant family birthdays and milestones.

DIY Board Game

The rules are...they make up the rules! Get inventive and crafty and have hours of fun.

Wall Mural

Take a leaf out of Elsa's book and "let it go". You'll see - it's liberating for everyone!

Pick a wall and go wild.

Start a Microbusiness

Turn lemons into lemonade...literally! From dog walking to soap making, match your kids skills with needs in the community and see these little entrepreneurs thrive.

Take Apart Old Toys and Electronics

Explore every spring and motor. Improve dexterity, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Feed curiosity. Stay safe. Oh and have FUN!

DIY Children's Book

Let their imagination run wild! Create a silly story with the kids, they design the illustrations and then put it all together for a proud new bedtime read.

Recipe Book

Whether you choose some family favourites or are already doing fun baking activities, take pics and document the recipes. You'll have a memorable family cookbook for years to come

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