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What do we know about Russia? Have you heard of the country before? Do we know anyone there? Pull out your map: where is it located? How could we get there from our home? Are we near or far? Watch this clip. WriteRussia in the kids' passport and you/they can stamp it at the beginning or end of the day, with whatever you have at home, stamps, stickers, or draw their own!


Welcome to...


Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Colour the Flag
Colour the Flag

Draw and colour the flag of Russia. Write the country name in English (and your kid's second language if relevant).  Switch up the core material each day - paper, cardboard - as well as the size.


Did you know that Russia was the first country to send people into space? What kinds of things do you think they saw in space? How many planets are there? (Refer to the 8 planets song)

Space scavenger hunt

  • Mould foil into balls (planets)

  • Hide the planets around the house (different kids/parents can have turns hiding/finding)

  • Pretend to be Russian cosmonauts in a rocket ship. Put on helmets, suits, get in your rocket ship.

  • Countdown from 10….3,2,1 blast off! Go find the planets!

Paper Matryoshka Dolls
Paper Matryoshka Dolls

Watch the video to make these adorable envelope matryoshka/babushka dolls that slot into each other! It's great for motor skills and also super for imagination play after they're done folding and decorating - it's time for a show!

Toilet Paper Pet
Toilet Paper Pet

Can you imagine running out of toilet paper at home – but also the stores? Shortages in Russian (a few decades ago) used to be so bad, people would line up for hours and hours in rain and cold just to get bare necessities like bread and toilet paper. Sometimes people would arrive before the sun rose, some people would wait for hours but then go home empty handed when the store ran out of its limited supply. We can appreciate what we have and be mindful of not wasting even when we have ‘plenty’.

  • Make a toilet paper tower. Do different shapes (pyramid, bridge)

  • Pretend toilet paper is a doggie. Your pet. Put on a leash. And take it with you around the house on a walk, showing it its new home, take care of it.

Bedazzled Faberge Eggs
Bedazzled Faberge Eggs

A Faberge egg is a jewelled egg created by the House of Fabergé, in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire. Russia used to have Kings and Queens (Czars). Google images of Faberge eggs to show the kids then bedazzle your own egg! 

  • Mould foil into an egg shape

  • Cover with paper

  • Pain, glue on glitter, gem stickers, ribbon

See here and here for inspiration

Indoor Active

Russian folk dance: Squat dance. Prisyadka



JUST DANCE: Rasputin 

Russian Ballet OR just watch a few short clips of Swan Lake and the Nutcracker (both scored by the Russian composer Tchaikovsky)

Quick Ballet class:

Outdoor Active


Screen Time

  • Masha and the Bear

  • Anastasia


Food Ideas

  • Russian Eggs

  • Sirniki: small patties/pancakes made from cottage cheese

  • Whole or 'Deconstructed' Salad Olivier/Russian salad: boiled potato, peas, meat, pickled cucumbers, onions, eggs and carrots

  • Piroshki, small pastries filled with finely chopped meat or vegetables

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