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It won’t always be easy, but having some kind of plan will help melt the anxiety, reduce frustration and maximise the fun! I mean, when was the last time you learned an African dance or made an exploding volcano??



For  kids AND parents. There are only so many bubbles you can blow and workbooks you can fill before you can’t believe only 45 minutes have passed on day 3. Having some purpose fills the day and gets everyone focused and excited. It also provides   framing so that they aren’t always doing random activities for weeks – rather we are part of a collection that all relate to a greater, central theme.



They’re going to get bored. There is ‘good bored’ when they get creative and imaginative. But there’s also ‘bad bored’: cabin fever, lack of stimulation. In the face of an indefinite lockdown, they’ll be frustrated, plus they won’t be as tired at bedtime. They also don’t have their regular social interactions. This guide is about helping keep up decent levels of stimulation and connection. It is also about our new role.

Heart & Hands


The abundance of links being shared on social is overwhelming. Figuring out work and childcare is overwhelming. This guide is about helping find the balance between structure vs flow; indoor vs outdoor (within health ministry guidelines); art vs movement; academics vs creativity; and lots of other dichotomies.



In times of uncertainty and change like #corona, it helps to get anchored. Our regular routines suddenly need renewing. Our approach to ‘structure' is about grounding both parents and kids and providing a sense of safety and stability. It also means incorporating unstructured play and downtime.



Just print and hang on your fridge - or keep us open on your computer! Minimal prep required. This isn’t a normal holiday period. We can’t just do/get/buy. We don’t really know how long it will last. We don’t know how much we can afford. This guide’s priority is to leverage our own resources, which includes everything from easily-accessible craft supplies to parental leadership.



Going with the flow is VERY important. You will need to adapt according to your family’s rhythm: how many kids you have, what kind of kids you have, and how old they are. If they’re enjoying one activity – stick with it. If they’re bored – move on. When they take something further with their imagination – roll with it.

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