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  • Obstacle course using pillows, chairs, towels, anything! Add tape on the floor for a 'race' feel with 'start' & 'finish' lines

  • Dance Party: blast your kids' fave songs (and some of your own!)

  • Hopscotch

  • Elastics

  • An indoor version of skipping rope (wiggle the rope on the ground and kids jump over it)

  • Get a mini indoor trampoline

  • Freeze dance/musical statues

  • Hallway games: soccer ball, bowling, ball in basket

  • Have one basket full of toys and one empty basket. Kids need to run and fill the empty basket with toys one-by-one.

  • Follow the leader

  • Balloons: keep it off the ground, blow up without tying and let it fly around for kids to catch

  • Pretend the floor is lava/filled with sharks

  • Straddle climb up the doorways (watch out for fingers!)

  • Try get a bar for the doorway to swing

  • Get a 'dance mat'

  • Alphabet/Colour/Shape Scavenger Hunt: draw all the letters/colours/shapes on paper or poster and kids go around the house finding items to match.

  • Red light/green light or What's the time Mr Wolf

  • Sock wrestling

  • Pillowcase sack race

  • The peleton static bike riding that's going viral!



  • Nature/Animal/General Scavenger Hunt: print out or make your own. You/kids can draw the pictures or use stickers (flowers, cars, people, letters, numbers, a colour, etc).

  • 100 Steps: count 100 steps, stop, take a photo from where you are standing.

  • Drive-by playdate: walk to visit someone and say hi from their balcony/fence 

  • Guess shapes of the clouds

  • Sound walk/hunt: listen to what you hear and try catch the sound

  • Count how many shops open/closed

  • Hopscotch

  • Chalk on footpath/pavement

  • Catching Shadows

  • Bike Ride

  • Scooter Ride

  • Puddle Jumping

  • Collect rocks/leaves/sticks (and use for art)

  • Water the plants

  • Magnifying Glass

  • Walk past a nearby construction site

  • Tally different colour cars you pass



  • Online playdates with friends: play barbies/cars together

  • Online chat with friends: quick check in

  • Class zoom: send out a link and anyone can join to say a quick hello

  • Charades or other game: organise a game for everyone to play together (STAY TUNED FOR READY-TO-USE MATERIALS ON THIS ONE!)

  • Online storytime with family or friends - read a book to each, or read the same book together

  • Online board game: play 'guess who' or similar game with a player on each end of the line

  • Scavenger hunt: one end calls out an item such as 'toothbrush' and the other end needs to find it in their house. Swap.

  • Send voice messages/videos/emoji messages to family/friends

  • Write an email to family/friends

  • Write an email to someone you don't know - particularly someone in an old age home

start a

  • Plant some seeds in an egg carton and take care of them each day, watch them grow

  • Make your own board game

  • Create your family tree

  • 2020 Calendar with significant dates, birthdays

  • Make your own puzzle

  • Outline and paint a wall mural

  • Build a town from boxes/accessible materials and decorate, doing a different section each day/week

  • Write a children's book: develop the story with your kids, get them to illustrate it, and use an online site to publish it

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