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What do you know about Egypt? When have you heard of this country before? Pull out your map: where is it located? Write Egypt in the kids' passport and they can stamp it with whatever you have at home, stamps, stickers, or draw their own. Watch this clip!


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:


Mummifying game! Each team gets a roll of toilet paper, first one to mummify the other person on their team wins. Playing on your own with a kid? Whizz them round & round to wrap them in TP!  

Sensory child? Have them mummify a doll or stuffed animal instead :) 

Pyramid Architects
Pyramid Architects

Today you're a pyramid architect: what can you build pyramids from? How do we build one? Ideas for this STEM activity: paper cups, toilet paper, lego bricks. Try making a huge one and a tiny one, and pyramids from something soft and something hard. What did we learn? 

Hieroglyphics Decoder
Hieroglyphics Decoder

Hieroglyphics is an ancient alphabet, where pictures are used instead of letters. Try writing or drawing out your name in hieroglyphics code! Click here for a hieroglyphics printable. For littler ones, try drawing out the pictures of their name and colouring them in. 


Egyptians were some of the first ancient civilizations to divide the day into sections, to start figuring out what time of day it was! They used sundials, that help us figure out what time of day it is according to where the sun's at in the sky. Instructions here for making your own sundial! 

Usekh Collar
Usekh Collar

Ancient Egyptians often wore jewelled Usekh collars - make your own from paper plates, instructions here

Indoor Active

Chariot races i.e. pillowcase sack race! 

Outdoor Active

Good weather? Get outside and make a video of yourselves doing  ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ dance, wearing your collars! 


Screen Time

Prince of Egypt

Joseph King of Dreams


Food Ideas

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