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What do you know about England? Have you heard of this country before? Take out your map: where is England located? How could we get there from our home? Make sure to stamp England in the kids' passport and they can stamp it with whatever you have at home: stickers, fingerprints or draw their own! Watch this clip and click here to find out more about England!


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Big Ben
Big Ben

Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock in Westminster, London.

When the light inside the clock is on, it means the lords/ladies are at work in the Houses of Parliament! If you’re interested, check out this clip on the Big Ben bell. Do you know the numbers on a clock? Have you learned how to tell the time? Grab an old clock face, or draw one onto card or coloured paper and make a giant Big Ben clock tower out of cardboard and other recyclable materials. Here’s an example. This can also serve as a gateway preschool activity to learning the clock. For older kids, use this  live worksheet for a time-telling activity.


There is one thing all English people agree on - tea! English tea is black tea in a teabag, served with milk & sugar. But there is also a time of the day in England known as ‘teatime’, traditionally at 4pm. On the menu: scones with cream & jam, crustless sandwiches, hot tea with milk, and other delicacies. Time for a tea party! Why not try making scones? Put on a tablecloth, get out your teapot and dress up! Tea party game ideas here.

Red London Bus
Red London Bus

London is the capital city of England, famous for its' red buses & red telephone boxes. Craft your own red London bus - instructions here & red telephone box pencil holder - instructions here

More London crafts here


There are a lot of interesting places to visit all over England, outside of London. One of them is a mysterious group of standing stones that are extremely heavy and tall - one of England’s most famous landmarks, called Stonehenge. Nobody is sure how ancient Britons even moved them there! Here’s what it looks like. Can you try building stonehenge from bricks, duplo or lego? What about marshmallows, or playdough? Which works better and why?

Crown Jewels
Crown Jewels

Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of England - she’s 94 and has been queen since she was 27! She lives with her husband Prince Phillip in an enormous palace called Buckingham Palace.

Make yourself a paper plate party crown and play queen (or king!) for the day. Buckingham Palace coloring pages here.

Tower Bridge Builders
Tower Bridge Builders

Tower Bridge is a huge suspension bridge that crosses the river Thames in London. It opens in the middle to let boats pass through! Explore the world of engineering with this STEM challenge: can you build a bridge to cross the river? You could use cushions, bricks, popsicle sticks… Check out this lego bridge idea for inspiration. 

Indoor Active

Traditional Morris Dancing! Watch this clip to learn how

Outdoor Active

Maypole Dancing - a traditional dance that takes place on May Day, May 1st, every year in England.


Screen Time

Mary Poppins

Robin Hood animated movie

Nanny McPhee

101 Dalmations


Katie in London - James Mayhew

Paddington Bear books -  Michael Bond

B is for Big Ben: An England Alphabet - Pamela Duncan Edwards

Food Ideas

Full English Breakfast!

Bangers & Mash

Fish & Chips

Mini Victoria Sponge cakes - recipe here

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