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Guess whats finally here?! Seder night!! Talk to your toddler about the first night of Pesach when we get together with our family and friends for the Seder. One of the fun items we have on the seder table is the seder plate. You can play a little game with your toddler by first cutting out the pictures of what goes onto the seder plate, then putting them in a bag and having them tell you what it is when you take it out. 


Welcome to...


Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Afikoman Bag
Afikoman Bag

Do you have any envelopes or paper bags lying around? How about an empty cereal box? No matter what it is, make sure you shape it so it has an opening that can shut. Find stickers or fun arts and crafts materials and have your toddler decorate it. Write the word 'AFIKOMAN' in big on the front, and voila!

Make a Seder plate
Make a Seder plate

Materials Needed: 

Printed pictures 

Coloured markers

Other fun stuff (glitter, felt, pipe cleaners, feathers, coloured sticks)



Plastic or paper plate

Cupcake holders x6 

Print these pictures of the items on the seder plate. Have your toddler colour in the pictures. Once they have finished, they can help you cut them out and stick them into cupcake holders. Then stick the cupcake holders onto a plastic/ paper plate, in the order of the Seder plate. Your toddler can continue by decorating the plate.

Finger Painted Place Settings
Finger Painted Place Settings

Materials needed: 

White cardboard



Coloured markers



Pre-prepare place cards for your guests by writing their names on a square of cardboard. Set the paints up for your little one and have your toddler decorate each card with paint. If you don't have paint, you can use coloured markers, crayons, pastels, glitter, feathers etc.

Sesame Street at Seder!
Sesame Street at Seder!

Have your toddler arrange their stuffed animals and toys around a table, and set the table so it's all ready for Seder. Don't forget to include the seder plate they made earlier and some matzah! You can serve your toddler lunch at their seder table with their friends!

Next stage: MODEL SEDER! Get your toddlers friends or relatives together on zoom and run a mini seder, choosing your toddlers favourite parts to sing and dance to.

Outdoor Active

Have a practice afikoman hunt! Hide your little one's favourite toy in the garden/ lounge room/ balcony and have your toddler look for it. Feel free to play music in the background to get your toddler moving! You can do a few rounds to make sure your toddler is running around and getting as much exercise as they need.


Jump on Zoom with relatives such as Grandma and Grandpa and ask them to tell your toddler a story about their favourite Seder!


'Lotsa Matzah' - Tilda Balsley

Food Ideas

Everyone LOVES Charoset! 

1 apple 

1 pear 

1 cup desiccated coconut 

½ cup raisins 

½ cup grape juice 

Peel and finely dice the apple and pear. Mix in the rest of the ingredients. Refrigerate until serving. Add a little more wine immediately before serving. For other fun recipes visit this site

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