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Welcome to Pesach week! Today we are going to learn all about Chametz. What is chametz? What types of foods are chametz? Feel free to launch into a small discussion about chametz and your child's favourite chametz to eat! As part of the discussion, you can explain that on Pesach we have to get rid of all the chametz in our house, which means we have to clean every room in our house really well to make sure there isn't chametz anywhere.


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Zap the Chametz
Zap the Chametz

Take a wand/ water gun or pointer and walk slowly around the kitchen with your little one. Pretend the wand is a detector and make a funny noise every time you come across chametz. Encourage your children to make the funny noise with you and you will have heaps of fun!

Clean your room!
Clean your room!

Choose a spot in your house that you can have your little one help you sort. Their cupboard/ drawers could be a great place to start. Make clear bins/ piles for things and have them place the items in the correct spot. If you are throwing things out, have them run to throw things in the bin. You can time them and turn it into a race, or give them points on a blackboard/ paper.

Chametz Hunt
Chametz Hunt

Find 10 toys or items that represent chametz and hide them around your house/ garden. 

Ideas of what you can use are: 

Real chametz, pictures of chametz, toys that are of chametz, or find some online and print. 

Have your toddler look for them and feel free to give them hints and clues. This can be a good time to play Hot and Cold (say hot when they are getting closer to the item and cold when they are far away). Once they have all the items together, you can talk about how we need to make sure we find all the chametz before Pesach. If you used pictures, you can spend some time colouring in. If you have any pom poms, glitter, feathers, or any other fun bits and bobs feel free to use them! 

Indoor Active

Outdoor Active

Chametz Hunt 2.0!

Ask your toddler to brainstorm with you different types of Chametz. Write the items down as a checklist and feel free to draw some simple pictures next to it. Then take a walk to the nearest shops and tick an item on your list when you see a store that sells it. For example, if pizza is on your list, make sure to walk past a pizza shop!


Screen Time


Food Ideas

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