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Yesterday we learnt all about chametz, and today we will learn that Pesach is a very special holiday where we get to eat Matzah! Matzah is very crunchy but tastes yummy especially if we put things on top. Today we are going to learn how to make matzah and have a lot of fun playing around with it!


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Matzah Holder
Matzah Holder

Help your toddler make and decorate this matzah box: 

You will need: 

A piece of cardboard 

Paints for finger painting, or anything else you have to use to decorate with 

A stapler/ sticky tape 

Cut the cardboard into a big square. In each of the corners cut out a square (2 slits resembling 90 degrees), so you are left with flaps around the edges. Give the cardboard to your toddler to decorate. Once they are finished, fold the flaps up and staple/ stick with tape. Courtesy of Eduart4kids

Matzah Pizza
Matzah Pizza

Make the legendary Matzah Pizza with your little one! It can be as easy as smothering a piece of matzah with tomato sauce and yellow cheese and sticking it in the oven until its ready. If you feel like being adventurous, Jamie Geller has quite a few interesting combos to put for toppings: Take a look here. Time this activity for midday, and boom: Lunch is ready!

Make a Matzah House (the Pesach version of a gingerbread house)
Make a Matzah House (the Pesach version of a gingerbread house)

Grab all the candy and fun things you have in the pantry (think leftover mishloach manot) and get your toddler ready to make an amazing matzah house! You can follow the method by clicking here.  

Baking Matzah!
Baking Matzah!

Let's bake Matzah! They say it only takes 18 minutes, right? ;) You can follow the recipe below to make matzah. Have fun! 

Click here for the full recipe on AllRecipes

Matzah Man
Matzah Man

Take whatever veggies you have in the fridge and cut them up. Have your toddler arrange them into a face, and some for hands and feet. Take a picture, eat and enjoy!

Outdoor Active

Take your toy car or scooter and ride to the local store to buy some matzah. Don't forget to buy yummy toppings such as jam, avocado, chocolate spread, and cheese. YUM! 


Go to your outdoor area, or lounge room and set up a picnic. Prepare Matzah sandwiches and other delicious treats. Feel free to invite the neighbors to join, if restrictions permit!

Screen Time


Lotsa Matzah- Tilda Balsley

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