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Throughout this past week, we have learnt all about different parts of Pesach that make it the amazing holiday it is. But why do we do all these fun things? Let's find out why by learning the story of Pesach! Sit your little one down on a comfy mat or chair and share with them the story of Pesach. Feel free to use a storybook if you have to read the story, or follow the story below as a basic guide. 

The Jewish people lived in a country called Egypt (if you have a map or globe, you can show where Egypt is in relation to where Israel is/ where you live). There was a man named Pharoah that wasn't so nice to the Jews and made them work really hard for him. One day a Jewish baby named Moshe was born. When Moshe was all grown up he came to Pharoah and asked him to let the Jewish people go so they wouldn't have to work anymore. Pharaoh said no, but Moshe asked again until the ten plagues were sent. After this, Pharoah said that the Jews could leave Egypt. They quickly left and took whatever they could carry, but they didn't have time to finish making bread to eat! Because of this, their bread then turned into matzah as they left, and walked all the way to Israel.


Welcome to...


Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Marvellous Haggadah Activities!
Marvellous Haggadah Activities!

This year, have your kids prepare their own Haggadot! No matter their age, they can colour, cut, stick, paint the pages with whatever you have at home.

Download and print:

Pesach Dobble

Playful Passover Seder Kit

End off the session with the fun I Spy Seder Matching Game!

Pesach the Musical!
Pesach the Musical!

Toddler level: You and your toddler can pretend to be Jews or the Egyptians in the story, and walk around the house/ garden carrying heavy bags. Finally, you can throw your bags on the floor and run around singing and celebrating your freedom. Feel free to grab any musical instruments you may have and play away!

Preschool level: Dress up as the characters of the Pesach story with dress-ups or clothes that you have. Act out the story of Pesach and bring in either siblings to join you or friends via Zoom! Encourage lots of singing and dancing, and musical instruments.

Moshe In His Basket משה בתיבה Marathon!
Moshe In His Basket משה בתיבה Marathon!

1. Colour in a picture printed of Moshe b'Teva

2. Find everything in the house, that resembles Moshe b'Teva as possible- different sizes, different toys. You can make your own by putting a doll in a basket, or on a pillow. Make sure the kids use their imagination!

3. If you can find, buy those small Moshe b'Teva toys (usually found in dollar stores before Pesach) and the kids can colour them in. 

4. Fill up a box with water, put in the Moshe b'Teva blow like the wind with mouth and straw. Add other toys as characters.

5. Segue to bath- bring the Moshe b'Teva toys into the bath and make sure to sing the song!

6. Kids can push each other down the hallway in a box- Moshe b'Teva style.

Pesach Puppets
Pesach Puppets

Make the characters of the Pesach story come alive as puppets! 

Materials needed: 

Print outs 


Popsicle sticks 

Coloured pencils or markers 

Have your toddler colour in the characters. When they are finished cut the characters out and stick them onto the popsicle sticks. Once you have finished, tell the Pesach story again, this time using the puppets as props. Feel free to bring them along to the Seder too! For more info click here.

The Ten Plagues Sensory Bin
The Ten Plagues Sensory Bin

WARNING: This may get a little messy :)

Find a big plastic tub and fill it with the base sensory product. This can include:

shredded paper







coffee beans.

dried coffee grounds





artificial flowers/fruit/vegetables


pom poms

small wooden blocks

foam shapes

magnetic letters

cotton balls

fabric scraps

In addition to this, find items around your house that resemble each of the ten plagues. These can be toys, food, bits and bobs, pictures, etc.

Don't forget to put a big tablecloth or sheet underneath the bin to minimise the mess. Let your toddler splash around and find the ten plagues! Count them together once they are found and recap what they are.

Outdoor Active

Take your kids on a walk (restrictions permitting) and pretend that you are the Jews leaving Egypt. Choose a destination to be Israel (for example: the local store) and pretend that you are walking to Israel.


Screen Time


Food Ideas

Coconut Pyramids from Ancient Egypt!


3 egg whites, beaten until peaks form

1 Tbls. sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

3 cups sweetened coconut


Preheat oven to 300° F; line baking sheet with parchment paper

While egg whites are almost beaten, add sugar and vanilla and continue beating until peaks are formed. Do not overbeat.

Fold in coconut and mix; lightly spray a shot glass with cooking spray and fill the glass (approximately 2 Tbls.); invert glass on baking sheet releasing the coconut mound; wet fingers with a few drops of water and shape into a pyramid (triangular shape); bake 30 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven and cool.

For more info about this recipe, click here.

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