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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:


Who do you want to invite to your gallery opening? Will it be virtual using Zoom/Skype or in person ? The first step is to design an invitation. You can take a picture of some of the art you created or use a photograph of yourself creating the art or design something specific for the invitation. Google Slides, Apple Pages, and Canva all have easy to use templates for designing invitations. Send your invitation to your guests about a week before the event.

Preparing the Tour
Preparing the Tour

How do you want to present your works of art to the guests? What do you want to say about each piece? Practice talking about all of the works in your gallery before the opening. If you have time, you can prepare a catalgoue documenting your learning process like the one seen here.

Hang Your Gallery
Hang Your Gallery

Gallery owners think a lot about the way they hang the art in their spaces. Lay out all of the artwork you will be displaying in your gallery and decide how you want to hang them. For each piece, design a museum label similar to the ones seen here.


At most art opening refreshments are served for the guests. Plan your menu and prepare the foods you want to have. Some ideas are cut up veggies and fruit, cheese and crackers, hors d'oeuvres., cookies and small cakes. If you made Matisse cookies you can serve those. If you are having a virtual opening, make sure you tell your guests to prepare refereshments for themselves as well. You can serve sparkling apple juice as "champagne".

Indoor Active

Outdoor Active


Screen Time


Food Ideas

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