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Because we are jumping between time periods and countries, it is a good idea to review where, when, and which art movement the previous day's artists were from and then to introduce Keith Haring (America, 20th Century, Contemporary Art)


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Learn About the Artist
Learn About the Artist

Gather facts about Keith Haring to present to your children. One good place to start is here for easily digestible information about the artist's life.

Questions to Discuss While You Work
Questions to Discuss While You Work

Haring loved to include children in the art he was creating. He once made a huge panting of the Statue of Liberty with 900 children helping him! Why do you think Haring liked creating art with children?

Haring-Inspired Small Scale Art
Haring-Inspired Small Scale Art

Haring’s work is among the most well-recognized of the artists we have studied. His work has been printed on t-shirts, calendars, mugs, and notebooks, with the money from these products going to support the causes Haring fought for his whole life. Using examples of his work as your guide (have a quick google), create a small-scale Haring painting and take a photo of it. This photo can be used for your gallery invitation.

Haring-Inspired Large Scale Mural
Haring-Inspired Large Scale Mural

Recreate one of Haring’s colorful murals. On a large sheet of butcher paper create Haring-esque figures by tracing family members lying on the paper. Make sure to squish everyone in! Paint or color in the figures using bright colors. You can add the short black lines that Haring used to create a sense of movement in his paintings.

Indoor Active

Outdoor Active


Screen Time


(click on link for a YouTube recording of the book being read aloud)

The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing by Kay A. Haring

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