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Because we are jumping between time periods and countries it is a good idea to review where, when, and which movement Frida Kahlo worked in (Mexico, 20th Century, Magical Realism) and compare it to Jackson Pollock (America, 20th Century, Abstract Expressionism)


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Learn About the Artist
Learn About the Artist

Gather facts about Jackson Pollock to present to your children. One good place to start is here for easily digestible information about the artist's life. The web series "Art with Mati and Dada" has wonderful short videos about famous artists. Here is Pollock's.

Questions to Discuss While You Work
Questions to Discuss While You Work
  • What do you think of Pollock’s work? His paintings have sold for hundreds of millions of dollars - why do you think they are so valuable?

  • At the height of its popularity, Pollock all of a sudden stopped using his drip technique. Why do you think he made the decision to stop?

Small Scale Pollock-Inspired Drip Art With Yarn
Small Scale Pollock-Inspired Drip Art With Yarn

Pour 3-4 colors of tempera paint into separate bowls. Dips long pieces of yarn into the bowls and then drag or smack the yarn over the paper to create marks.

Large Scale Pollock-Inspired Drip Art
Large Scale Pollock-Inspired Drip Art

Create a Pollock masterpiece using his famous drip technique. You’ll need a large piece of butcher paper or sheet. You can also use recycled architecture paper. Pour tempera paint into small cups and water the paint down a little bit so it drips easily. Gather up paint brushes, spoons, pipettes, etc. and then go nuts! Pour, drip, splatter and smack the paint. For added fun, stand on a raised surface (a chair or a table, for instance) and drop your paint from above onto the canvas.

Indoor Active

Outdoor Active


Screen Time


(click on link for YouTube recordings of the book being read aloud)

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