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Have you ever been to an art gallery or museum? What did you see there? Was there someone who showed you around? We are going to make a gallery/museum like that right in our own house!

*The pacing of this project is completely up to you and your family. You can do as few or as many artists as you want. You can finish everything in a week or stretch it out to two weeks. The idea is to have fun and get joy out of it, so take your time and follow your child’s lead!*Michelangelo


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Learn About the Artist
Learn About the Artist

Gather facts about Michelangelo to present to your child. One good place to start is here for easily digestible information about the artist's life. Focus in particular on The Sistine Chapel. Here is a fantastic short video about the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Sistine Chapel Painting
Sistine Chapel Painting

It took Michelangelo 4 years to paint the Sistine Chapel. He painted some of his work lying down and some of it with his head bent back. looking up. Tape a large piece of butcher paint underneath a table and lie down underneath it. Create your own "Sistine Chapel" using paint, markers, or crayons on the butcher paper. For added fun, lie on a scooter or skateboard while painting.

Questions to Discuss While You Work
Questions to Discuss While You Work

The process Michelangelo used to create the Sistine Chapel was extremely difficult. Do you think that makes his art more important, because it was so difficult to make? Is there another reason you think his art has remained so well-known and well-regarded 500 years later?

Indoor Active

Outdoor Active


Screen Time


  • Michelangelo by Diane Stanley

  • Michelangelo for Kids: His Life and Ideas, with 21 Activities (For Kids series) by Simonetta Carr

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