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Its Shopping Day!

Thats right! Today we are going to spend the day at our very own mall, in our house! 

What is your favourite thing to do at the mall? Usually when we go to the mall we have a list of things that need to get done. Sometimes we go buy some new clothes, and sometimes we go to the supermarket. Sometimes we go buy some things for the house, and sometimes we are really lucky and get new toys and games! And in the middle of our really fun outing to the mall, we can get a yummy snack from the food court. There is a lot to see and do at the mall, so let's get started!


Welcome to...


Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Clothing Bonanza Dress Up Time!
Clothing Bonanza Dress Up Time!

Phase 1: What sorts of dress ups do you have? Well, its time to pull them out! Lay all your fun bits and bobs on the floor in your living room. Describe an item and ask your kid to find it. Have them place it into a clothing store bag, and at the end, don't forget to have them pay! Set up a toy cash register or a shoe box filled with monopoly money and show them how the transaction is done.

Phase 2: Let's play dress ups with all the clothes we "bought" today!

Wait, we need eggs!
Wait, we need eggs!

1. Take a coloured peice of paper and help your kids make a shopping list. Make sure to include all their favourite foods (don't forget the chocolate for you!). Put check boxes next to each item. You can either write the item, or draw it and have the kids colour them in.

2. Take all of your kids toy food and set up your lounge room with them to look like a grocery store. If you dont have much toy food, you can also use real food (preferably unopened stuff to avoid unecessary mess). You can take this to the next level by giving the items prices by writing them on stickers or paper.

3. Set up a cash register- either a toy one if you have, or use a shoe box and fill it with monopoly money.

4. Lets play! Give your kids the shopping list and a basket/ box/ toy trolley if you have. Have them find the items and then come to you to pay at the check out.

Mall Scavenger Hunt
Mall Scavenger Hunt

Tell your kids that your house is now the local mall and that you have a list of things you need to buy. Each time they get a clue they need to go get the item the clue asks for. Once they bring the item to the common area, they get the next clue. Siblings can either do this together or seperately as a race. 

Hints for the scavenger hunt: 

You just went to buy some vegetables for dinner with your dad. Find a supermarket bag. 

It's so cold this winter, but I have no jacket! Go find a jacket. 

It's time to go to the beach! We need to buy swimming things! 

I really want to learn a musical instrument. Find your favourite one. 

We can get our photos taken in those fun booths at the mall! I'm hungry, lets buy a snack!

Indoor Active

Put signs around your living room of different types of shops in your mall. They can include clothing shops, food stores, homewares, toy stores etc. Your kids should start in the middle of the room and race to the store you call out. 

Outdoor Active



Food Ideas

Whats the most popular restaurant in your mall's food court? Just a guess, but probably- BURGERS! 

Welcome to our Burger Shop!

  1.  Prepare all the elements needed for the burgers. You can follow this recipe.

  2.  Set a bench up in your kitchen or by your table with a cash register. 

  3.  Ask your kids to come up to the bench and take their order

  4.  Make sure your kids are seated and bring them their burger. Since your are the waiter, feel free to dress up and act the part! Your kids will love it.

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