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Around Town


Today we are going to walk around our (virtual) town and visit different places of entertainment!

What do you love to do to keep entertained? Is it watching a movie or TV? Is it playing sport, or jamming to music? Let's check out the places where we can do these awesome activities in our town!


Welcome to...


Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Moonlight Cinema
Moonlight Cinema

Sometimes we are lucky enough to go see a movie- OUTSIDE!

Choose your kids' favourite movie and set it up facing outside (or outside if you can). Make sure to make an abundance of popcorn and yummy snacks. 

If you have an outdoor space, set up either a tent, or bean bags, mats, blankets, pillows or small chairs on the ground facing the TV. If you don't have an outdoor space, you can also set up either a tent or blankets, pillows etc in your lounge room. Snuggle together in your PJs and watch!

Rocking at a concert!
Rocking at a concert!

We are going to a concert at our local arena!

Choose your favourite songs and take out your instruments. Play your songs on YouTube and jam along with the music! Make sure to sing and dance! 

If you dont have musical instruments, you can use an old tin box (think baby formula boxes) as a drum, and for a guitar, put about 5 rubber bands over an open tupperware. For a microphone- cover an empty toilet roll with foil!

Handprint Movie Star
Handprint Movie Star

We are going to the cinema!

What is your favourite moview? Who is your favourite character?

Take paint and smear it all over your kid's hand. Have them press their hand down on a blank peice of paper. Once the handprint is dry decorate and draw on the print to form your favourite movie character. You can even continue until eventually you have made all the characters!

Sports Heroes
Sports Heroes

What sport do you love? Is its soccer, football, hockey, cricket, rugby, tennis or swimming? Where is your favourite sport played in your town?

Choose your favourite sport and get dressed up in your sporting gear just like your favourite sporting hero! If you have an outdoor space, go outside and pretend to be your favourite player as you play the game. Mum and Dad should be on the sidelines commentating (don't forget to keep it entertaining!). Whip out a blackboard and record the scores as the game goes on to see who wins!

Indoor Active

Outdoor Active


Go on zoom with your friends, and choose your favourite kids band. Stream their music videos and share your screen so you, your kids and your friends can sing and dance together at your virtual concert!


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