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Around Town


Every day is learning day, but today we are going to learn about the different places around our town that we can go to learn!

Start off by naming some places that allow us to learn and talk about each place. You can even play a guessing game. Include places like: the library, school, kindergarten, musuem, art galleries, and any other places that may be unique to your area.


Welcome to...


Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Virtual Museum Tours!
Virtual Museum Tours!

We are very lucky to have access to many of the world's museums- online!

Trip Savvy has a list of virtual tours at different museums around that world for your kids. Click here to check them out!

Learning at the Library!
Learning at the Library!

Let's make our very own library!

To set up the library: Grab as many books as you can (your kids books, your books or both) and arrange them neatly, remeniscent of how they look in the library. Set up on your coffee table a 'checkout' for the librarian. You can include here a toy that can work as a scanner for the books, a few slips of paper and a stamp (whatever you have in the house). In one corner of the room, set up beanbags and cushions for the reading corner.

Welcome to the local library! Meet the librarian (one of your kids, or you) Make sure they are dressed up as a librarian and set up the room to resemble a library. Place all your childrens books neatly on the table or floor. Your kids can slowly browse through the book collection before choosing 2 books each. Once they have chosen the books, they need to have them stamped by the librarian. Prepare slips of paper and have the librarian stamp the paper and insert it into the books while telling a due date. Once thats done, your kid can take the books and begin reading them in the reading corner.

Its Time for Schooooool!
Its Time for Schooooool!

Have your kids prepare a lesson on something they just learnt about/ their favourite book or movie/ their favourite food etc and teach it to you. They can dress up like a teacher, and make sure to supply them with a whiteboard. Dont forget your notebooks and pencils, parents! You are going to need them!

Story Time at the Library
Story Time at the Library

Prepare as many cushions, beanbags, blankets and sheets as you can on the floor in the living room. Scatter all your childrens books on the floor so they can see the selection. Make sure everyone is nice and cozy before beginning to read them their favourite stories. Fun add ons are hot chocolate and healthy treats.

Indoor Active

Outdoor Active


Caribu is an app that allows grandparents to read stories to their grandchildren. Download the app and have your parents/ in laws read stories to your children, in the library you made!

Screen Time


Food Ideas

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