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5 Senses


What do you use to hear? Answer: Your Ears! Think about the different sounds there are around you. Loud sounds, soft/low sounds. Close your eyes and what do you hear?


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Ear Headband
Ear Headband

Print out two large ears and color them in. Then create a headband with them. This is a fun way to start the day to get your child into the sense of hearing. - Like this one

Which animals are loud, and which are quiet?
Which animals are loud, and which are quiet?

Discuss different animals and the sounds they make. (Bear, lion, Giraffe, mouse, rabbit, etc.) Are they loud or quiet?

Play Music
Play Music

Take out all the musical instruments you have around the house and make some noise! Play each instrument to hear different sounds. See how some are the same and some are different. You can also play loudly and softly.

Guess What It Is
Guess What It Is

In 5-10 covered cups or containers place different objects around the house. Have your child guess what is in each cup. You can have one of the items of each cup out of the cup and they can place the cup by the item to see if they were right or wrong. For example, fill a cup with paper clips, marbles, coins, and rice. Then place some rice, paper clips, a marble, and a coin on the table. That way your child has an idea of what could be in the cup and can place each cup near the item they think is inside the cup).

Create your own instrument!
Create your own instrument!

There are so many different sounds that come from different instruments. Pick one or all and create sounds of your own.

  • Wind instrument: By simply using straws and paper you can make a wind instrument – see here

  • String instrument: Rubber bands and a box with no top – and there you have a guitar! See instructions here.

  • Shakers: A classic in my house. There are so many ways you can create a shaker- paper plate folded in half with rice in the middle, a tin can filled with rice, a toilet paper roll filled with rice, and something blocking the top/bottom with a rubber band. Each one will sound different depending on the object you use on the outside. What you put on the Inside can also affect the sound: rice, barley, beans, etc.

What's that sound?
What's that sound?

Place various objects in a pile. Have your kids sort things by what makes a sound and what doesn’t. (Ideas for objects – plastic water bottle, feather, bead/bells, paper, lemon (or any fruit), keys, shoes)

Indoor Active

Explore Sound waves!

There are two ways to do this – you can do one or both. Take a piece of string and a spoon Place the spoon in the center and place the ends of the string by your ears – hit the spoon and hear the sound. You can also do this with a wire hanger. For more details read here:

  1. Here is the spoon way

  2. Here is the hanger way

Outdoor Active

Go outside lay on the grass or a mat on the grass

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. What do you hear? Wind, bees, birds? Explore the world around you, what can you find that makes noise?

Alternatively, go on a sound walk


Screen Time

Food Ideas

What do you hear when you eat? Does your food make noise?

Snack: Pretzels and apples

Lunch: Cut veggies, hotdogs in a toasted bun

Snack: Fruit and chips

Dinner: Grilled cheese and cut veggies

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