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5 Senses


What do you use to smell things? Answer: Your Nose! Learn about different smells. What smells do you like, which don’t you like?


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Draw a Nose
Draw a Nose

Draw a large nose. Then below the nose under one nostril write like, and the other doesn’t like. You will use this later as part of an activity.

Guess That Smell
Guess That Smell

Guess that smell – take a few different items that your child may recognize – ground coffee, onion, cinnamon, lemon, and black pepper. Blindfold your child and have them guess what they are smelling. Use the nose you made earlier in the day to have them sort the items by like and don't like.


Paint with smell. How? Take spices – turmeric, chili, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla. Add the spices to the paint that matches the color of the spice and paint! Turmeric – yellow, chili – red, vanilla – white, ginger – orange, cinnamon – brown. Add a teaspoon of each spice to the paint. Then paint!


Print out this worksheet to draw a line from the nose to items they can smell. Have your child color in the worksheet and see if they can identify what a nose can smell.

Color By Shape
Color By Shape

Color by shape fruit bowl - here

National Geographic
National Geographic

See different noses and learn how not all animals use their nose to smell.

Indoor Active

Smell Potion

Take all your findings and lay it all out by what they are – add to a jar or cup with water. Start adding different things and see what smells you get. You can be the judge of what your child makes – good, bad, deadly, etc.

Outdoor Active

Exploring the great outdoors

Go outside and gather, grass, flower petals, herbs (if you have) leaves, anything that has a smell. Then just explore all the different types of smells that you experience outside. (keep everything you gathered for your indoor active later)


Screen Time


Listen to 'Big Smelly Bear' - here

Food Ideas

Think about how it Smells

Snack: Granola bar and apples

Lunch: Chicken fingers and rice

Snack: Yogurt

Dinner: Homemade pizza (or pita pizza)

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