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Story Factory


Today is show day - we are going to make shows! We'll think about all the things we need to make a show, and different types of ways we can do it. What kinds of shows have we seen? What do you remember seeing, for eg people, costumes, props, a stage. Shows/concerts/theatre make stories come alive. The story becomes an active and interactive experience. It’s a way for us to express ourselves, trying out different voices, ways to walk or stand, ways to move our face, clothes. It helps us learn about and understand the world around us.


Welcome to...


Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

Puppet Factory
Puppet Factory

Puppets are a great opportunity for imaginative play: they are fun, encourage storytelling and creative expression and role play. 

Sock puppets  

Finger puppets  

Pop up puppet

Rubber Glove puppets

Wooden Spoon Puppets

If you’re adventurous, make a simple puppet theatre

Talk the Talk
Talk the Talk

Let's warm up our voices. Kid/s, count from one to 10 (out loud!). Next, let your voice go loud, then soft. Go high, then low. Go fast, then slow. Do you hear the difference? Which way do you like? Then add these different ways as if you were angry, sad, underwater, a baby, a cow, a sheep, ghost, holding your nose, tongue out, closed lips, etc

Bring their World to Stage
Bring their World to Stage

Dress up as different people they know: mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, siblings, etc. Then put on a show if they want. And of course, they will dress up and/or put on a show about anything else!

Bringing Books to Life
Bringing Books to Life

Kid/s chooses a book. They are going to recreate a page in the book it using household toys, items, dress up clothes to create a show. Similar to this: It becomes like an indoor scavenger hunt with them running back and forth to find things. You can also read a book, and they must act out the story as you read it. If relevant, also dramatise/act out the stories they created on 'Book Day'.

Indoor Active

Outdoor Active

Go for a walk past a local theatre or community hall or similar place where shows take place (even though it will likely be closed, it’s a destination for the walk and develops a deeper context to the place.


ARE YOU READY FOR THE SHOW?? ....and of course Zoom with family or kids' friends and put on a show! You can even plan in advance for each zoom-er to put on a short show for each other. Really try keep it short, it gets hard online.

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