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The Family Chanukah Box

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169.00 ₪Price
  • 1 box, 8 days, it's a miracle! Get silly, get creative and make fun family memories at home this year!

    Dig into this hands-on medley of 8 ready-to-use experiences, packed with a custom-designed activity booklet with easy-to-follow instructions and essential hard-to-find supplies.


    Each activity is paired with a special chanukah theme:


    1. Festival of Lights: Glow Party
    2. Festival of Play: Sevivon Spin Art
    3. Festival of Pride: Playdough Chanukiot
    4. Festival of Power: Shadow Puppets
    5. Festival of Giving: Gifting
    6. Festival of Oil: Olive Oil Cookies
    7. Festival of Courage: Paint Stamps
    8. Festival of Warmth: Tie Dye Pillowcases


    See image above for full list of supplies included. (No food items are included so please have basic cookie ingredients on hand as well as a couple of potatoes).


    The box will engage the youngest and oldest members of the family and everyone in between. Games, crafts, baking, storytelling...everyone can get in on the action.


    Developed by Dara Marcus

  • Pick up and delivery options are detailed on the order form.


    With apologies to our global community, this one is only for Israeli residents.

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