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Developed by Dara Podjarski Marcus
Hot summer holidays in Israel are here (along with the next wave of coronavirus and quarantines...) So we're taking ready-to-use to the next level! Choose a Fun Box to suit your needs and be prepared to enjoy a treasure trove of activities at your fingertips. Dip into your Fun Box whenever you want, in the comfort of your own home.
Easily Adaptable to a Wide Range of Ages: Kids Aged From Around 3 to 9 Years Old
* with apologies to our global community, this one is only for local residents of Israel
Kids Blowing Bubbles

Summer Fun Box

15+ Activities
(that's 21 NIS per activity!)

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Kids Painting

Super Duper Fun Box

26+ Activities 
(that's 18 NIS per activity!)

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Sorry this item

is sold out!

Sorry this item

is sold out!

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