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Theme Day:

Outer Space

Image by marianne bos


1-2-3 Blast-Off! Are you ready for takeoff? Begin with these intro questions:

*What do you already know about outer space?

**What do you think it's like in outer space?

***Is there anything that would be difficult about going to outer space?

****Would you ever want to visit a planet? Which one? Why?

  • What does it look like in space? Use chalk on black or dark blue paper to show kids what outer space looks like OR let them imagine on their own!
    Learning about Planets with this catchy song and short video: click here!
    Space Mobile - Supplies: wire hanger, string, pictures of planets, tape

  • Draw the sun on one end of the hanger and connect strings with each of the other planets.

  • Discuss: Which planet is closest to the sun? Which is farthest? What is different about the planets closer and farther from the sun?

  • Learning the letter P - Draw an uppercase and lowercase P on a paper - can you color/paint it in with colors that start with p? Can you draw objects around it that begin with the letter P?

Session 1

Kids Play

Indoor Active

Image by Sonny Ravesteijn

Session 2


  • What type of helmet do you think astronauts wear? Using recycled boxes and anything else you find around your house, make a helmet for your little astronauts so they can be safe in space!

  • Outer Space Bingo is a great way to review everything about the planets and our galaxy. Click here for a free printable Bingo game.

  • Moon Rock HuntPart 1- make tinfoil balls into different shapes and sizes.
    Part 2- hide the balls and have someone else go find them!

  • Looking for a sensory activity? Make Moon Sand with a mixture of flour and baby oil - click here for the quick how-to.

  • Mystery Science website - search "outer space" for tons of cool space ideas! Make a quick free login and click here to learn about what happens to astronauts balance, height and muscles while in space! (Geared towards older kids)

  • Make an outer space sensory bottle. Search here for fun ideas or simply add some food coloring, water, glitter and foam cutout stars to any recycled bottle with a tight seal.

Image by Robert Collins

Outdoor Active

Image by Mike Szczepanski

Session 3

Image by Denise Jans

Screen Time

Image by Kimberly Farmer


Click here for a whole list of awesome books to read!

*Don't have any of those books? Listen to "There's No Space Like Space" By Dr. Seuss - click here!

Image by Karly Gomez

Food Ideas

  • Healthy moon snacks

  • Rocket fruit kebob

  • Solar system cupcakes

Birthday Cake

Birthday Tips

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