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Theme Day:


Image by marianne bos


  • Set up a tent in your living room - sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, fairy lights. If you have blue sheets / material, add a ‘river’ near the entrance to your tent! 
  • Light up a “fire” on your screen at home for ambience 
  • Backpacks: grab a backpack each, and get kids to think of what ‘essential items’ they may need for camping or hiking.
  • Make: Bug spray - Need: plastic spray bottle, some essential oils. Kids fill bottles part water, part essential oils, we used lavender and tea tree - if you’re brave add some food colouring - have them squirt those pesky mossies away all over the bathroom walls. 
  • Make: 'Going on a Bear Hunt' Maps
  • Make: Binoculars - Need: two toilet rolls, string, cellotape & wide tape. Paint toilet rolls with one thin layer paint, stick the rolls together with wide tape & cellotape either end of the string inside each roll. 
  • Prepare: Trail mix!  (whatever you have at home: pretzels, m&m’s, cheerios, dried fruit?) to bring with!

Session 1

Kids Play

Indoor Active

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga: 'Tallulah the Owl’ (forest yoga)
  • ‘Logs for the fire’ relay race! Use household items
Image by Sonny Ravesteijn

Session 2


  • Fire Science: talking about fire safety, exploring the effects of oxygen, wind, salt & water on fire. Need: baking tray, 4 candles. 
  • Opportunity to teach kids ‘Stop, drop & roll’ as part of fire safety & watch an educational clip/song about it. 
  • Craft activity ideas:  Handprint painting bonfires (photo); Popsicle stick tents  (photo); Cupcake liner bonfire & smores (photo)  
  • Imaginative challenge for kids: DIY an indoor bonfire - toilet rolls, felt, stones, branches - whatever you have in your home/outside space.  
  • Make a snack: s’mores! Safely melt marshmallows with adult over candle/stovetop.
Image by Robert Collins

Outdoor Active

Strap on the backpacks, take hats and water, and off you go exploring your camping trail - don’t forget your trail mix, maps and binoculars.

Added extra: Nature scavenger hunt outside.

Image by Mike Szczepanski

Session 3


  • Opportunity to discuss why people might be/are afraid of the dark
  • Dance party with glow sticks / glow in the dark body or face paint! 
  • Craft: Mod podge stained glass jars with coloured tissue paper to make ‘lanterns’, add tealight candle and safely - with adult - test them out in the dark.  
  • Game: Can You Catch A Star: Motor/sensory activity: fill a plastic bowl with beans and small plastic stars/glow in the dark stars / star-shaped beads. For 5+, get them to use kids chopsticks or tongs to catch the stars! For 2+, using their fingers or tongs.
Image by Denise Jans

Screen Time

  • Movies: Yogi Bear Movie, Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (Charlie Brown and Snoopy go to camp)
  • TV: Llama Llama - Camping Adventure, season 1, episode 13
Image by Kimberly Farmer


  • Don’t Feed The Bear, Katherine Doherty
  • A Campfire Tale, Sarah Glenn Marsh
  • S is for S’mores, Helen Foster James
  • How To Catch A Star, Oliver Jeffers
Image by Karly Gomez

Food Ideas

  • Breakfast - Campfire french toast & chopped fruit salad
  • Lunch - Baked potato ‘bar’
  • Snacks - Homemade trail mix & s’mores
Birthday Cake

Birthday Tips

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