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Couple of Kangaroos

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What do we know about Australia? Have you heard of the country before? Do we know anyone there? Pull out your map: where is it located? How could we get there from our home?

Watch this clip:


Indoor Active

Cosmic Kids has a 'trip in Australia' themed session

Outdoor Active

If you can (both due to proximity and/or public health guidelines), head to the beach! 'Cause Australia = awesome beaches

  • Draw and write in the sand

  • Build sandcastles and tunnels

  • Collect shells

  • Picnic Lunch

  • Bring back a box of sand for a home activity in an upcoming week 😉

Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the selection below:

Hand Drawing

Colour the Flag

Draw and colour the flag of Australia. You could do both the official national flag as well as the Aboriginal Flag.

Write the country name in English (and your kid's second language if relevant). 

Switch up the material each day - paper, cardboard - as well as the size.

Child Painting Model Airplane

Intro to Dot Painting

Intro to Dot Painting: watch this clip

Aboriginal Dot paintings tell a story. Try use your painting to tell a story too. Maybe about something you did today, or trace your hand, or something from the video.


Get cotton buds and they dip into paint. Or if you don’t want to paint, you can still do the boomerang using markers and crayons and dot stickers to design and decorate

Fabric in Rolls

Build a Didgeridoo

Tape a bunch of toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls together. Draw pictures and add stickers - then make sounds!

Sea Shell

Shell Art

If you were able to get to the beach (see below 'outdoor active'), get out your paints and decorate the shells you collected! If not, you can draw some on paper or collect stones locally instead.


Shell Game

Once the shells are dry, choose 3 and find something small to place underneath the shells like a bead. Play a guessing game: which shell is hiding the bead. If no shells, you can do it with the didgeridoos.

Passport Covers

Stamp your Passport

Write Australia in the kids' passport and you/they can stamp it with whatever you have at home, stamps, stickers, or draw their own!

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