Olympic Games


IT'S BLACK DAY! Lots of sports in the Olympics also need teams to work together. Being part of a team means everyone has a really important job that helps the team do its best. Communication - talking to each other, listening to each other and using your words - is really important to making sure a team works well. It's the same as us as a family - we are a team that needs to talk and listen to each other in order to make sure we are doing our best.


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

  • Intro Video Clip
  • Make a sponge boat as seen here or here
  • Bath Time/blow up pool: Take the boats into the water and have boat races, use straws for wind
  • Intro Video Clips men’s and women’s includes interviews with players afterwards talking about what it takes to get to the Olympics and role-modeling how to act when you lose
  • Make a rubberband ball
  • Line up boxes/buckets/washing baskets at different distances and heights. Need to throw balls into them. Mix it up by matching colours of balls to colours on the boxes. Also letters. Like here (see game #8).
  • Add in the laundry Olympics: how fast can you fold??
  • Intro Video Clip
  • TARGET PRACTICE: Get a box. Cut out holes add numbers and colours like you see here in 'golf station'. If you don’t have a box, try improvise with other cereal boxes or make toilet rolls into arches. Hockey Stick: Get a bat, stick, broomstick, paper towel roll. Hockey Ball: Get a small ball or make your own with paper/foil.
  • GAME TIME: get two boxes and have to score a goal like here (refer to game #1 in the link)
  • This Intro Video Clip is actually a science experiment comparing baseball and softball (and debunks the myth that ‘softball’ and ‘women’s sport’ is ‘easier’) Plus it's cool to see a live science experiment taking place in a lab in action. 
  • Play Catch (refer to game #3 in the link). Cut the bottom off of a plastic milk jug to make a simple ball catcher.  If the edges are sharp, cover them in duct tape.
  • Intro Video Clip
  • The aim of volleyball is to keep ball off the ground. Do this with a balloon solo and together as a fam.
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