Olympic Games


IT'S BLUE DAY! Our last day, and we're going to the 'Winter Olympics' today. It has to be so cold that there is snow and ice for a lot of the sports. Have we seen snow before? Talk about your own (the parent's) memories of snow or maybe that you have also never seen snow. This is a super cute video overview of some Winter Olympic sports: β€œIf Cute Babies Competed in the Winter Games” 


Welcome to...


Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:

  • Intro Video Clip
  • GAME TIME! Get a broom and mop. Draw circular targets on the ground with chalk or tape. Using frisbees or plastic plates for the discs, use the broom to try get the discs into the target by skimming them across the floor. You can put the letter of the kid's name on the plate and they have to collect their letters. As seen here.
  • CHORE TIME! And while the brooms and mops are out...do a more authentic re-enactment of the athletes scrubbing fast down the line by having the kids scrub as hard and fast as they can or just general sweeping and mopping up time! 
  • Intro Video Clip
  • Bring out the hockey equipment from the other day. But instead of a ball, use cubes of ice.
  • What a busy week!

  • Start winding down by baking cookie medals using your fave recipe. Here is one you can use.

  • While they are baking, ceremoniously take down the Olympic flame, review and reflect on all the games they played, built, learned. Think about what was hard, what was surprising, what was new, what was fun. How did it impact your 'Family Team'.

  • Then everyone can choose one favourite game that they can do again one more time.

  • Then eat your cookie medals!!

  • Intro Video Clip
  • Create a Marble Run with paper towel/toilet roll tube: lots of ideas here.
  • Get a blanket or sheet, kids sit or lie down, and you pull them down the hallway. They can try pull you too. If siblings, they can try pull each other.
  • Intro Video Clip
  • Have a figure skating competition! Choose music and ice skate on the tiled/wooden floor in socks. Do individual dances and then a partner dance. If you have roller skates, can do that. Being careful of slipping of course.
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