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Noises of the Night: When do you sleep? (day or night) Does everyone sleep at night? What animals can you think of that sleep at night? Do you know why? Let’s find out who sleeps at night and why? Here is a list of all nocturnal animals. We will be discussing and doing some crafts with the following: owls, bats, and racoons – feel free to add more if you want!


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Choose 2-3 20-30 minute activities from the options below:


1. Learn about them with National Geographic Kids

2. Craft them using celery! As seen here

a. Material

- Celery

- Paper

- Glue

- Scissors

- paint

3. Read a book about them

Eyes of the Night

1. Crafts: Nocturnal Night as seen here


- Googly eyes

- Black paper

- White paper ripped to pieces

- Sticks

- Glitter

- Glue

- White or yellow paper (for the moon)

2. Watch "The Magic School Bus Goes Batty". The following activity will help them explore how echolocation works.


- shoe box lid

- marble

- blindfolds

The kids can work in together. Blindfold one while other hold the two ends of the box lid, rolling the marble back and forth. The blindfolded child tries to listen to the ball rolling and then tries to grab it using only the sound. Like echolocation, the sound is the only thing they must "see" where the ball is rolling just like a bat.


1. Learn about them on National Geographic Kids

2. Craft them: Make a racoon from just hearts! As seen here.

a. Material

- Brown paper

- White paper

- Black paper

- Googly eyes

- Glue

- Scissors

3. Read a book about them: The Kissing Hand – read it at home, but if you don’t have the book you can listen to it


1. Learn about them on National Geographic Kids: 

a. Vampire Bat

b. 5 Reasons Why Bats Are The Best

2. Craft them as seen here

a. Material

- Toilet paper roll

- Black paint

- googly eyes

- Black paper

- Black pipe cleaners

- Scissors

- Glue 2. 

3. Read/watch a book about them: Bat Loves the night

Indoor Active

Blindfold one person and the other person will direct the blind folded person on where to go. Make sure they don’t bump into anything!

Hide and Seek in the dark: Turn off all the lights and have one person hide something and make the other person find it with a flashlight!

Outdoor Active

Go for a walk and collect some sticks for the afternoon craft!

Food Ideas

Snack - Owl rice cake (rice cake, peanut butter, cheerios, apples, banana, carrots, and blueberries or raisins) OR just rice cakes and fruit

Lunch – spaghetti and meatballs

Snack – spider cookies – Oreos, pretzel sticks for legs and any fruit on hand

Dinner – Tacos

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